We are happy to offer you livestreams in this difficult time!

Livestreams are, like any other event, associated with costs. Therefore we ask our audience to help us to keep this platform and our club 'KUUK - Kunst und Kultur' alive.
We appreciate every donation!
Find information about our livestreams at the bottom of the page.
No upcoming livestream confirmed
To get to our donation form, simply click on the donation button on the day of the livestream. The amount of your donation is chosen by you and is used to keep our club alive and to make livestreams possible.
It is possible to donate via PayPal, credit card or to do an offline payment.
After a successful donation you will be AUTOMATICALLY granted access on one device for a periode of 24 hours.
After your donation, simply go back to www.bluegarage.at/livestream-en and enjoy the livestream!
Additionally, you can use our chat to communicate with the musicians or other visitors. You can also buy a round of drinks for the music!

Already donated today?

If you have already donated for today's livestream, but your cannot see the livestream, don't panic!
Simply do an offline-donation and write in the textfield, that you have already donated today. We will see the message and you will be directed to the livestream automatically.

Questions or is there a problem?